DEI...funniest post ever... for gear heads!
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Thread: DEI...funniest post ever... for gear heads!

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    DEI...funniest post ever... for gear heads!

    this is too funny i had to share...
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    that guy is my hero!!
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    what a dork. I don't think he understands how hot & O2 deprived exhaust gases are, among other things.

    Jeesh! It would have been funny if he actually did it to his car tho.

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    Well, that's one way to make a zero emission vehicle.
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    It will have the unintended but desirable consequence of keeping that moron off the road!

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    I hope that was a joke... He can't be serious

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    It's a joke this thing is all over the intraweb.

    Headline should read "Troll hits it big!"

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    wow this thing is really making the rounds..already saw it on two other forums, but it still makes me laugh the third time around.

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    Direct Exhaust Injection DEI, first theorized on November 7th 2007 is a revolutionary alternative to conventional forced induction. First proposed by The Nemesis_ZR2, a contributing member of the Nebraska GM Modern Muscle, DEI is the simplest form of turbocharging to date.

    Instead of using a traditional exhaust-driven supercharger (known as a turbocharger), it creator proposes that engine exhaust be plumbed directly back into the intake manifold at the throttle body. This design effectively bypasses the turbine and compressor inefficiencies encountered with all conventional turbochargers.

    Detractors of DEI claim that such a closed system is unsustainable due the chemical reaction of a standard atmosphere (primarily nitrogen and oxygen) with isooctane (gasoline) which produces water vapor, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide (a byproduct of incomplete combustion), hydrocarbon particulates (another byproduct of incomplete combustion) and oxides of nitrogen (NOx). DEI addresses this by running significantly lean of stoichiometric air fuel ratios (14.7:1 for conventional gasoline). This is accomplished via a hand held tuner in automotive applacations.

    The main drawback of DEI, though minor in comparison to those of conventional turbocharging, is the higher charge air temperature due to the recirculation of all exhaust gases. This shortcoming has been addressed in the current iteration of DEI known as i-DEI (Intercooled Direct Exhaust Injection).

    i-DEI utilizes intercooling to reduce the temperature of recycled exhaust gases as they reenter the intake plenum. This dramatically increased the density of the incoming exhaust charge, improving power output. Intercooling as it is used in i-DEI can be in the form of Air-to-Exhaust or Water-to-Exhaust, though conventional intercooler materials such as aluminum may not be suitable due to the extreme exhaust temperatures.

    Plumbing for DEI and i-DEI is recommended to include heavy-duty steel piping with V-band style exhaust clamps, though custom clamps may be necessary for specific applications such as the throttle bodies utilized on GM’s Cross-Fire Injection.

    The rationale for this revolutionary approach is based upon late breaking scientific discoveries. In simple terms, a turbocharger is an obstruction to the flow of a high kinetic and thermal energy exhaust stream. Turbos extracts some useful work from the exhaust stream, but seldom do so at efficiencies above 60%. This means a significant portion of energy is exhausted to the atmosphere via the exhaust system.

    Utilizing 100% of the energy produced through internal combustion is the essence of i-DEI. It bypasses the expensive, inefficient turbo and directs high energy exhaust gas directly into the engine's intake plenum via the throttle body. The heat contained in the exhaust flows has the added benefit of virtually eliminating intake icing and the need for a supplemental choke system.

    Another benefit of this revolutionary system this that it is possible for it to make unlimited power, meaning it is the most efficient system known to man and car makers as of now.
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    you would have to build it real low or you could not see past the hood of the automobile from the drivers seat

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