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    I just got a Ninja 650R and I'm loving it just one small issue that I'm less than loving, it doesn't have gauges it has idiot ZZR250 had a temp & oil pressure gauge (not labelled, I will admit, but with even graduation marks). Since I've never had a fuel gauge I'm not missing it, but I would be very willing to junk the whole gauge cluster for one that has a moderate amount of IQ. Any experience out there, suggestions, ideas. I will be keeping this bike for a few years and don't mind spending a bit to make it really mine. I already have a list of bits started (tire hugger, new windscreen, hmmm maybe an undertail and integrated tail know stuff).

    Thanks for the suggestions.

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    The simplest option would be to keep what you have and search the aftermarket for suitable small guages that you can mount onto the inner covers. With some searching you should be able to find options that blend with the style of the bike.

    You can get a radiator cap that has a temp guage in it or there are options that come with a tube and sensor that can be plumbed into the cooling lines at some point with various adapter options. A few places sell small oil pressure guages but you'll need to plumb them into a gallery somewhere on the engine. If there's a plug then you may be able to get an adapter. If there isn't an external oil gallery plug anywhere then it may require an adapter at the filter or drilling and threading a part of the engine so the guage can access a main oil gallery. Electrical voltmeter is fairly easy to get and hook up.

    But if you want to get a whole cluster that has all this in one pod then things get a lot more messy in a hurry. Compatibility issues with the signals from the bike's brain to the pod are not going to be easy to overcome. Also if you want the extra parts to run you'd have to find compatible sender units from the bike the pod came from and wire and plumb then into your 650R engine. It would be a helluva search to do this since there's no one around that has a big cross reference to wiring diagrams for all the various pod options and computer optoins and the voltages and signal charactaristics for each. And NO, it isn't standard at all.
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