Pilot using a road
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Thread: Pilot using a road

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    Pilot using a road

    ok folks, i know this is a bike site,but this is an interesting use of a road.......he even takes the 2 left hand curves with style .......all done in an aircraft takeoff run in the jungles of Congo. check out the vintage soviet aircraft on the left just as he rotates and clears the treeline.

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    I've heard highways in Taiwan are clear above (they have signs, lights on the sides?), so jet fighters can land/take off. Can somebody confirm that?

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    If not Taiwan then Sweden for sure. Mountain side have hardened aircraft hangers that hold a few planes at the end of longer straight sections and the roads are used for takeoffs and landings. It's why Swedish aircraft use wing planforms that are compact so they fit on the roadways. Google for the words draken and viggen for two examples of short span wings.

    It could well be that Taiwan took their cue from Sweden.
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