Luxury car rentals? (Escalade/Bentley/etc)
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Thread: Luxury car rentals? (Escalade/Bentley/etc)

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    Luxury car rentals? (Escalade/Bentley/etc)

    I'm in charge of arranging the vehicles for my friends wedding, and since they turned down the idea of 8 ducati's for the wedding party, does anyone where you can rent Escalades or Bentleys in Vancouver?

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    try brian jessel bmw on boundary

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    Quote Originally Posted by maninblack View Post
    try brian jessel bmw on boundary
    Yep, Brian Jessel has some SWEET rentals! BMW's of course but they will cost ya. Here's the link Youre looking at $800 plus for the weekend and way more if you want their flagship vehicles ...

    Otherwise, Hertz (Prestige Collection) has Escalades and a bunch of nice stuff. Prices were much more reasonable but you better book well in advance as they only have a few of each type.
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    Just dress up, go there and "test drive" an M5 for the day....

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    Anyone remember the guy who made the news a few years back for test driving a car off a lot for a week straight.

    It turned out the dealer couldnt charge him with anything.
    hint hint...

    Although im sure every dealer has made up a new contract in light of that incedent.
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