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    Fast cat!!!

    A little boy was sitting on the side of the road playing with a little vial of turpentine. He would turn the vial over, watch the bubble, turn the vial over watch the bubble. Along comes the priest, and he asks the little boy, "Hello there young fellow. What you got there?"

    The little boy replies, "This here is the most powerful liquid in the world Mr. Preacher!"

    The priest replies, "No son, holy water is the most powerful liquid in the world."

    The little boy looks up at the priest, and asks, "How do you figure that Mr. Preacher?"

    The priest says,"If you put two drops of holy water on a pregnant lady she will pass a baby boy or girl."

    The little boy looks up at the priest and says, "That ain't shit! You put two drops of this on a cat's ass, and it will pass a motorcycle."
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    What does it mean "pass a baby boy or girl"? Physically? Or she will eventually shit out a baby boy or girl, well surprise surprise, she had either a boy or a girl, talk about powerful liquid!

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