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Thread: House Furnace Question.

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    House Furnace Question.

    My house furnace has great airflow to the basement, but the middle and upper floors, not so much.

    So, the basement will be roasting hot for the middle and upper floor to be comfortable. (It's new construction within 4 years).

    I have baseboard heating also in the basement, and don't really need the furnace to heat it, can I just block off the airflow to the basement thusly achieving greater airflow to the rest of the house?

    If someone knows about these things I'd love to hear from you.
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    The short answer is yes, but I'm sure wiser folks than I will chime in.

    How easy it is to do may be the question.

    There should be dampers(?) on the large ducts leading to the basement vents, you can close them off to throttle the flow to the basement, otherwise just close off your basement registers.

    As well if there are dampers on the main ducting, make sure the ones leading to the upper floors are fully open....
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    Has it always been like that or is this a new development? If this is a new problem, have you had your vents cleaned? As mentioned you can shut off the vents downstairs ...
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    live in a basement suite, and the tenants upstairs just never got the concept of heat flow until I set up the vents properly throughout the house. there suite up stairs would heat up quick to a comfortable temp, while our suite would stay cold. I adjusted the heater vents upstairs...some half open some barely open. I also completly closed the vent closest to the thermostat so it would shut off the furnace too quickly. the end result was an even tempeture throughout the house....everyones happy!

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    You probably have dampers that need adjusting. The damper, it looks like a simple handle or lever on the side of a duct, may be closed or partially closed on the ducts. Some installations don't have them. They are cheap, fairly easy to install and should be on the duct to each floor. Even if you have no dampers you can have some success just adjusting the vents.

    To balance them and get the heat you want on each floor and each room start from the beginning. Buy a few cheap weather thermometers and put them next to your thermostat so you can see what each one reads compared to your house thermostat.

    Open all the dampers on the ducts and all the heat vents and return air vents, if any, in all the rooms and floors. The damper is fully open if the handle is parallel with the duct pipe. If you don't know how to open a heat vent, stop reading! Set your house thermostat high to keep the furnace running. Wear shorts and keep your shirt on. (look in mirror, it's obvious why!) Soon, about 20 minutes, you will know which is the coldest room on each floor and which is the coldest room in the house. Use the thermometers, bozo! The damper and heat vent to the coldest room in the house will remain fully open and not be adjusted during this set up. Twist the handle about 1/8th turn on the damper for the floor with the "warmest" cold room to close the airflow a little bit. What you are trying to do is get the airflow to the "warmest" cold room of each floor reduced just enough so all the coldest rooms are the same temperature. It is possible of course that no matter what you do you can't get a room to warm properly because there aren't enough heat vents to a large room or there is no return air vent or gaps under the doors to allow air to flow or the furnace is too small for the house! There should be a 1/2" gap between the door and floor or carpet if there is no return air vent in a room.

    You're not finished yet! Set the thermostat to the temperature you want and go watch TV or read old bcsportsbike threads to let the house cool enough so the furnace shuts off then turns on again. Now go to each room on each floor and decide if that room is too hot. If too hot, close the room vent a little if it's only a little too hot or a lot if it's way too hot. Do that all through the house. Let the temp settle until the furnace cycles again. Readjust each room vent to taste! I didn't say it would be quick!

    You may still have to fine tune the dampers and vents to end up with exactly what temp you want in each room. What you should end up with is the "coldest" room in the house should have a wide open damper and vent to be at the correct temperature. All the rest have their airflow restricted so they will not overheat.

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