stupid question - storing my gear through winter
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Thread: stupid question - storing my gear through winter

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    stupid question - storing my gear through winter

    Hey Everyone,

    At the end of my first season, I just chucked my leather jacket and helmet in the back of my closet. Should I have done any cleaning or prep work to these items to ensure they are in top shape for next year?



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    I wiped down my leathers with a moist towel. Then treated with leather cleaner and conditioner. Let check the inside for BO and put her into a plastic bag and into the closet.

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    * should really clean that shit before you chuck it away for 3-4 months...

    Take the liner out of your helmet and the cheek pads (if they come out) and throw em in the wash (get your wife to do it).

    and like above....clean the leathers, boots and gloves if you don't want them to smell worse in the spring.

    you can just do what I do....crash and destroy is all, put it in the dumpster and just get new shit for Christmas...!!

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    A good cleaning all around before storage is always wise.
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    just use spit and an oily rag to get the bug smear off it then put it in the garage...

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    Leather gear should be hung up. The leather will crease if left folded and it takes a long time for the crease to go away. I will also say that it is best if the leather can breath so I would not put it into a bag uless it is a breathable one. And if the liner is stinky then removing the armor, turning the leathers inside out and wiping the liner down well with wet rags that have some Woolite or similar in the rinse water followed by a second good wiping with just plain water dampened rages to remove most of the soap and then dry and turn right side out and reinstall the armor. Then hang in closet so it can air out.

    I've done mine that way for 8 years now and it's still in great shape.
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