The Cost of Christmas

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Thread: The Cost of Christmas

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    The Cost of Christmas

    On average, what do you spend on Christmas gifts and whatnot?

    Personally, I'm not Christian, so I don't celebrate like everyone else. I stopped playing long ago, and my family has since adopted my idea. Rather than spend money on a bunch of useless shit for everyone, the family just gets together and has a big meal and enjoys a relaxing holiday together. Why stress over last minute shopping, hectic crowds, expensive gifts someone may or may not want in the first place? I always said everyone should just spend the money on themselves, then everyone would get exactly what they wanted, and there is no hidden animosity or fake smiles.

    In effect, my Christmas is not about commerce.

    What about yours?
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    Under $250.00.....I'm poor

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    I have a full commerce Christmas. I have a big family. Mom, dad, three sisters, nieces, nephews, brother in laws, grandma, grandpa etc. With all those presents to buy the christmas present bill exceeds $500 but I do get quite a bit of that back

    We all love the big Christmas celebration. It is hectic but it's great to have the family together. We have alot of laughs which make it worth while. My nephews definitely get the most out of it. It's great to see them get so excited.

    The Christmas lights were up December 1st and Christmas music was added to the ipod on the same day. So you could say I have a commerce ridden Christmas but what it acheives is well worth it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by elevation View Post
    So you could say I have a commerce ridden Christmas but what it acheives is well worth it.
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    Nothing atm

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    This year I made plans to take a few friends shopping after Xmas when everything is on sale....twice as much goodies for the same price....

    Did it last year and got lots of stuff...some places offered 70% off.... friends are girls so they all want clothes or shoes???

    already bought myself a HD dvd player...RC helicopter....pre boxing day sales are on now

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    I have what I need and I don't want some shit I don't need.

    I buy gift for my two Nefews....6 and 4...and thats it.

    The wife makes Jam's, Candy and other treats...we gift bag them with a letter (recap on 2007), with maybe a few pics...done.

    2008 see's my money tied up in track days....not paying off a Credit card till May.

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    I'm Jewish, so I've always been a Jew, a lonely Jew... on Chriiiiiistmas. But otherwise my wife and I have abandoned the whole commercialism behind the event and instead celebrated Winter Solstice with a big dinner for all of our close friends.

    My wife and I put together the money we would have spent on each other on presents and instead donate it to charity.
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    my flight back to Winnipeg cost over $500... and I hate gifts. Which means, your poll sucks.

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    We're doing the gift swap game. Generic presents up to around $20. One gift per person. Everyone tosses the gift under the tree and name into a dish. First name picks and opens. Second name can "claim" first gift or pick from the tree. If second claims first's then first picks from tree. Fun continues until all the packages are gone.

    Cheap and fun... at least until the fighting over the crocheted dish washing cloths begins....
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    my family stopped gifts years years ago - under 16 and mother was the only ones that got gifts. Now it is just Mom.

    My wife's family has only now slowed down the madness.

    But it is way to easy to go over $500.- dam, my booze and snacks are around that for the season. Easy.

    Anyways everyone have a good time this Dec and lets all stay safe!

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    I have four kids between 12 and 16...evry thing on their Christmas list starts with "I-" :Ipods, Iphones,Itunes....I-curumba $$$$$. Help!
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    Quote Originally Posted by URANUS View Post
    ....pre boxing day sales are on now
    You mean "Christmas sales"?

    My family goes all out on Christmas, big dinners, parties, drinking, family in from all over the place, and lots of gifts. We're know, one of those new fangled dharmic religions that don't give a fuck about Jesus. But I'm also a very devout capitalist, so I look forward to Q4 when consumers all over the western world inject tons of fuel into the economic machine.
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    Always well over $2-3K after the smoke clears

    I fuckin hate christmas

    We can't even call it "Christmas" anymore, but everyone wants to celebrate it anyway? Fuckoff

    All the major retailers make more profits in December than they do the other 11 months combined... We need to boycott the gift exchange part, and stick to what it's all about; gettin fuckin drunk and stoned with the ones you love

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    A couple hundred maybe just over 5. Mostly in booze and food, we have people over and enjoy company/relax.

    I buy a couple token gifts for certain people and that's about it.

    If there's something I need I'll terrorize some boxing day sale and fuck off back to my food and booze.

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