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    I am thinking about bringing my track bike from the UK to Canada in the new year. I have no paperwork for it as only use it on the track. What are the requirements in Canada - do trackday organiser require all machines to have full documentation?

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    i would'nt do it ....sell it and buy one here.. the shipping costs... and if you don't have papers your garunteed a hasel.. but if your really attached i guess its your call.

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    No. Most don't bother as long as it passes tech. Only needed by US border security if you want to bring it across the border.

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    Actually it's Canada customs you need to worry about. It's not consistent but the odd person has had to get a letter from the racing club to certify that the bike in question will be used for off road use only. But they will want to run the VIN to ensure that it's not stolen or has a black past.

    You could avoid a lot of this if you can have a couple of mates back there break it down into a 1/2 dozen major parts and send them over in two or three shipments. Then it's just motorcycle parts and not subject to any close scrutiny.
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