Hello all,

As a shift worker I cannot attend all the games I would like. That being said I have 2 tickets to the following games;

Sun Dec 30 vs Ducks,
Tue Jan 8 vs Islanders,
Tue Jan 29 vs Stars,
Mon Mar 17 vs Coyotes.

These seats are in section 101 row 23, behind the Canucks goal. Alcohol is allowed in this section .

There is enough height above the ice to have a good view of the other end but close enough to clearly hear the action.

I am asking $250.- for each pair.

If you are interested in any (or all) just PM me and we can set something up. I will bring the tickets into Vancouver (or area) as I live in Mission but will be attending the games on the 20th and 27th. If you are buying for a gift I will ensure you have them before the 25th.

Guess thats about it.