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    As a few of you know I’ve seriously been toying with the idea of starting up an extreme sports clothing line “Affiliated Apparel” aka Affiliated Addiction. My goal is to provide quality clothing at reasonable prices, catering to those mainly in the Stunt/Skate/Snow communities at this time. The WCS classic will still be available under Affiliated Addiction but there will be new fresh designs across the board coming soon!

    Affiliated Addiction ran its first t-shirts in 2003 to support stunt school at Boundary Bay. Since then I’ve done a couple runs to help offset the cost of repairing the stunt bike but over the past few months I’ve been doing allot of research and development and it’s looking very doable... I’m working on some very cool custom (fabric, cut & sew to silkscreen) jerseys for XDL right now, my main goal is to be fully in house within a year, but I’m taking it one step at a time.

    What I want to know from you guys is:

    1: How much do you spend a year on stunt related clothing/accessories?

    2: What would you be willing to pay for a custom hoodie (fabric, cut & sew to silkscreen) compared to the regular bulk buy of hoodies from the wholesale shop and silk-screening them?

    3: Would there be any interested in letterman jackets?

    Thanks guys!

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