I have ridden this Rally Twice and it is a fun well organized adventure

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History Of the Three Flags Classic Rally

In the early 1900's when cars and motorcycles were exciting new ways to travel, motorcycle riders would start somewhere at the Mexican border and ride all the way to Canada, just to see if it could be done. These rides were referred to as "border to border" runs.

In 1974, after reading about the border to border runs in a 1914 newspaper that was published by the American Motrcyclist Association, Josef (Joe) Usatin of the Southern California Motorcycle Association (SCMA) thought it would be a great idea to rekindle the old spirit of border to border runs. Joe decided to name this new ride; The Three Flags Classic. The ride was to start in Mexico near the US border and end up somewhere in Canada. Labor Day weekend was selected for the annual date of this long distance motorcycle event.

As of 2006, there have been 31 very successful Three Flags Classic rallies that have started in places like Tijuana, Mexicali, Nogales and Cuidad Juarez, Mexico as well as Vancouver, Canada. Over 20 rides have ended in Canada at cities such as; Kamloops, Penticton, Calgary, Harrison Hot Springs, Medicine Hat, Vancouver, Nanaimo, Kimberly and Whistler, B.C. Some of the rides have ended in Mexico at cities such as Ensenada and Tijuana. Three or four check points are included to keep track of the riders that seem to spread out over several states during the course of the event.


The Southern California Motorcycle Association has worked very hard over the years with all their member clubs and members to make the Three Flags Classic the premier motorcycle tour of the year, with the underlying spirit of the ride being that all riders are goodwill ambassadors from their respective countries and that by riding in this tour, they are doing their part to promote family motorcycling through greater public acceptance and understanding.