Little Girl Flames O'Reilley and His Response
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Thread: Little Girl Flames O'Reilley and His Response

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    bro, do you even ride in a straight line? #1 asshole

    Little Girl Flames O'Reilley and His Response

    video 1 -the video

    video 2 -the flame

    discuss bitches

    is there anything else that can be said about o'riley that ppl dont already know?????
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    Why would you have a 7 year old girl read speeches?

    This actually seems like "Jesus Camp" and how they coach kids except this example is the opposing political view.
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    Weak, needed more cow bell.
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    sportbike... pfffft!
    what a douche.

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    I would have liked to see O'Reilley address the comments that were made in her video instead of going off on a child abuse tangent.

    What she said in the video (whether she understands what she said or not) are what a lot of people think already and are actually valid comments.

    I guess it was easier to just ignore what she said. Can you say 'owned'?

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    My guess is that Wendy Murphy has never had an orgasm.
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    Classic. O'Reilley goes up against an 8 year old and the 8 year old wins.

    And Wendy Murphy needs bigger shoulder pads in her power suit before I take her seriously.
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    Sat, you should make something similar.....

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