Anyone feel like riding Chilliwack-Langley?
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Thread: Anyone feel like riding Chilliwack-Langley?

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    Question Anyone feel like riding Chilliwack-Langley?

    Hi guys. I'm going to go for my MST in langley (It's the closest open test place) and need to show up with a 'supervisor' so they won't kick me in the ass and not let me do the test. Anyone feel like a ride from Chilliwack to Langley and back, sometime in January? It'll be midweek. I'll buy you lunch!

    Apparently you have to be 25 or older and have your full class 6 motorcycle liscence, too. Thanks guys,


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    Not suggesting you break the law or do anything stupid... but my 'supervisor' was not present when i arrived for my test and i got no grief...

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    I kinda figured they wouldn't care... but better safe than sorry. The last thing I need is them not letting me ride back to Chilliwack, or something worse.

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    Yah, I wouldn't suggest this either, but getting there before they open would mean they have no idea who you came with. Nothing that I would recommend of course.
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    Just don't forget if you turn up without one and fail, you're going to need someone to ride back with. Also means you're riding without insurance.
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    I ride everyday. I'd be glad to ride with you from the Wack to Langley in January....Milestones for lunch. Give me a weeks notice if you can.
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    Good luck on the test , think slow and be methodical , to many testees try and rush it and make small but crucial mistakes,-- And for the record , I don't know if testees is a real word or not , and it doesn't refer to any "sensitive" areas

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