Dainese Yamaha Suit, 44
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    Dainese Yamaha Suit, 44

    My 2008 suit just showed up from Italy and.....is too small.
    My loss is someones gain. I don't want to spend the $120 shipping
    along with getting dinged GST and duty ($280) if I order another.
    So this $1500 (+ the above costs) suit has to be sold, either here or eBay.
    I'd like $1000.
    It's tagged as a 56 Euro (46 American), but fits like a smallish 44.

    Circuit 1-Piece Leather Suit
    Crafted from high quality full-grain leather and
    incorporating D-Stone® and Kevlar for enhanced
    durability and abrasion resistance, the Circuit
    1-Piece Leather Suit is one of Yamaha’s most
    advanced designs. For optimum protection this
    stylish silver/black suit is equipped with
    composite protectors and titanium inserts,
    and for extra riding comfort the shoulders are
    thermoformed. Double calf zips and the suit-to-boot
    fastening system ensure a luxurious fit, and
    flexible biaxial inserts deliver high levels of rider
    mobility on and off the bike.
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