I've got 25 days left to sell this before I leave Canada!!! New list is around $12K!!

This is pretty much the ultimate motard off the showroom floor and it's street legal. I bought it at the end of '05, have run it for 2 seasons and absolutely love it.

The bike has about 6000kms/125hrs. I've used it mostly in-town and practice nights at Western (definitely not abused there - I'm the slowest guy on the fastest bike). Has very little highway use (maybe a couple of trips to Nanaimo) and never been offroad except the small dirt section at Western.

-It runs like a top and has been absolutely 100% trouble-free.
-Has never been run hard, over-revved or hit the rev limiter.
-Has an electric starter and kick - starts exceptionally easily on kick (first or second kick from cold)
-Maintenance is frequent but very simple, quick and inexpensive (<1L oil change, 1/2hr for valve adjustments)
-Oil changed every few hours of run-time and always with synthetic (mostly Amsoil).
-Factory specs on this bike are a wish-list of trick parts; WP suspension (fully adjustable including front preload and high & low speed rear-damping), FTE radial brakes, Magura radial master cylinder and clutch master, 310mm Braking "wave" rotor, adjustable-offset billet triple clamps, Keihin FCR41 carb, Behr Rims (5" rear with cush drive).
-This bike is lighter, quicker, has more torque, more range, and is more reliable than the Aprillia SXV550
-There are now 2 dealerships locally: Adrenalin (where it was purchased) and Kenco near Sooke -so no problem with service/support.
-Husaberg is owned by KTM and the bikes are manufactured in the KTM factory. KTM purchased Husaberg to take advantage of their motors/engineering. These are great bikes!
-You can run this on the track locally, once per week at Western during the season for a whopping $10/session - I guarantee you will not have more fun for less money.
-Comes with spare number plate (as well as stock headlight) and tail section.