Winning The battle over your eBaY addiction..!!
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Thread: Winning The battle over your eBaY addiction..!!

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    Winning The battle over your eBaY addiction..!!

    Wake up and smell the morning air. Take a shower and put on some clean clothes. Brush that hair on your head. Brush those few remaining teeth. Now say to yourself.....

    "I can walk away from ebay any time I want" then say "eBaY doesnt control my life"

    If you cant say those two things wihout rolling on the floor in laughter than this is the guide for you. It very well is then the guide for your freinds as well.

    1. Have you run out of organs to sell on ebay.? Now you are looking into selling your family and friends into slavery....?

    2. Did you find all your highschool or college momentos going for $50.00 on ebay. By a seller who's name sound's alot like your wife's or husband's name....?

    3. Do you live out of cardboard box'es. Because you sold everything you owned on ebay......?

    4. Can you go to the store for milk. Before doing a quick search for powdered milk on ebay..?

    5. Do you have a beeper just in case. You are out bid on Paul reevers teeth again.......?

    6. Do you REALLY believe you got a deal on your 10,000TH pair of Fuzzy car dice......?

    7. This morning did you chew up your food with George washington wooden teeth.......?

    8. Do you place bids on grill cheese sandwich'es. Because you REALLY see christ in them.....?

    9. Is your credit card statement filled with purchase's for " Alien radar tracker's" and Gerbil grooming brushes and Duke's Of Hazard lunch boxe's and Garbage pail kid's sticker's......?

    10. Did you started auctioning off the soul's. Of people that you tricked other's out of. Instead of selling them directly to SATAN........?

    feel free to add your own them all here

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    just give into the addiction, as long as you know your a problem, the problem goes away.

    buy buy buy

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