November 20/2007

Hello everyone,

The Ministry of Tourism, Sport and the Arts is currently working on a draft
ORV management framework, which includes developing the options for
Licensing and Registration of all ORV’s. The government has suggested
that their intent is to make Licensing and Registration “cost neutral”.

They have also suggested that mandatory insurance would not be on the
table at this time.

The Ministry of Tourism, Sport and the Arts is also considering whether it
will bring forward the recommended Trust Fund as part of this
management framework, for government’s decision. Concern has been
raised within government that the inclusion of a Trust Fund into the costs
associated with Licensing and Registration for owners of multiple vehicles
might be too high, as the intent is to keep the costs to the consumer,

The Coalition has been very clear in their recommendations that
Registration and Licensing as a stand alone amendment would be
unacceptable to the motorized recreation community, and have further

reinforced this position in the attached letter sent to government on
November 16/2007. This letter clearly states that the inclusion of a Trust
Fund is imperative with regard to any amendments to the Act, as this
would provide funding for ORV users to develop programs as outlined in
the Coalitions recommendations, and would be the only means by which
there would be sustainability to many of the programs outlined in these
recommendations. Simply put, something of value to the end user.

See Below:

3.3 Trust Fund
Recommendation #11: The ORV Coalition recommends that the provincial government:
establish in law that all of the revenue collected as part of the licensing of ORVs, with the
exception of licensing administrative costs, be dedicated to a Trust Fund (i.e. where funds
cannot legally be diverted to general revenue), to be administered by a board, where the Trust
Fund will be used in the following five program areas: education, safety programs, trail
development including maintenance and enhancement, enforcement, and conservation and

To review a summary of the ORV Coalition’s recommendations, please go
to: and click on the Public
Summary Document Jan 09-2006

By only introducing Registration and Licensing requirements, the
government will simply be creating an additional tax to be absorbed by all

As British Columbia is one of the few remaining, if not the only jurisdiction
in North America without legislation covering Off Road Vehicles,
government will make changes at some point, and it is imperative that
the voice of the ORV community be heard in contemplating any
amendments to the current Act.

It is with the foregoing in mind that we are asking for the input of all
clubs as to their views on the proposed amendments currently being

As Licensing and Registration will in all probability become mandatory
at some point in the not too distant future, BCORMA would suggest
that at a minimum, the following points should be a major
consideration if we are to support changes to the current Act.

Points 1 & 2 are currently proposed amendments. Points 3 & 4 are what
we believe to be necessary in order to maintain the sustainability of
motorized recreation in the future.

1. Registration of all ORV’s at point of sale, new and used.
2. Annual Licensing of all ORV’s. (Cost to be affordable and “cost neutral”
with regard to these proposed changes. No excess funds going to general
3. An annual surcharge, to be administered as a Trust Fund by a nongovernmental agency, with the proceeds being delivered back to the
users as described in the ORV Coalition recommendations Section 3.3,
4. An enforcement component to be undertaken by government with
assistance, in certain areas, from an established Trust Fund.
In recent discussion with government, suggested costs of L & R have
ranged from $20 to $40 annually, per unit, and the Coalition has
suggested an annual surcharge of up to $15 per licensed unit, which
would be administered independent of government, in trust. The details
of this would have to be worked out satisfactorily prior to any agreement
to amendments of the act.

As we wish to make a submission to government, through the ORV
Coalition on behalf of the membership of BCORMA, we ask that you
advise us as to the views of your members on points #’s 1,2,3 & 4 as
listed above, and what you feel about the possibility of legislation which
would not include a Trust Fund in some form.

As this is an extremely time sensitive matter, we request your reply at
your earliest possible convenience in order that we can have your voices


BCORMA ORV Coalition Committee.