94 Kawasaki Ninja 500 $1500 OBO - Ugly Bike
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Thread: 94 Kawasaki Ninja 500 $1500 OBO - Ugly Bike

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    94 Kawasaki Ninja 500 $1500 OBO - Ugly Bike

    I have a 94 Kawasaki Ninja 500 for sale. $1500 or make me an offer!
    Its the perfect a commuter bike or for learning (esp shorter ppl) but still lots of fun in curves and fast enough for most.

    Its currently rather ugly and in the process of being stealthified, a bit of elbow grease and you'll have something totally unique. I have to let it go because I'm moving and its all cold out. If it were summer I'd finish it and ride out.

    1994 Ninja EX500.
    Just under 50 000 kms
    Runs like a top, starts and all that, rode to SF and back, still riding around.
    Maintenance done regularly
    Comes with airtech fibreglass fairings.
    Front cowl - unpainted
    Single Seat Tail - now painted black (its shiny)
    Full lower fairing - sanded and prepped.
    Original Two Seater Tail (plastic) - Ugly as sin
    Givi Top case and Rack
    (box o parts, some oils - and some tools)

    Other info (in the spirit of full disclosure)
    Learning bike = scuffs and stuff.
    The bracket for the front cowl is off a little from low speed slide. (bike does drive straight) Its $100usd to replace.
    Starter could use replacing eventually.

    Thanks for looking! I will be showing after Jan 1st in the West End. You can test drive it if you have cash in hand. More recent pics soon.
    email ninja@themak.ca
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