Wirless Internet USB adapter problems...HELP!
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Thread: Wirless Internet USB adapter problems...HELP!

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    Wirless Internet USB adapter problems...HELP!

    I have a WUA-2340 USB adapter for wireless internet.

    It was working fine...

    Now the problems are...

    Very low signal strength
    No signal at all
    The blue screen of death, my computer shut down for safety
    D-Link not working - uninstall and reinstall

    The only way to fix it and reconnect to the internet is to do a system restore to an earlier date when the internet was working

    I think I bought a crappy USB adapter???

    Any help would be great
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    Sounds like a problem with the driver. If you can, go to the company's website, download the latest driver for the adapter and install it.
    Try using the Windows Wireless configuration instead of the one that came with the adapter's setup. To do this:
    1) Right-click My Netowkr Places icon and go to Properties.
    2) Right-click Wireless Network Connections and go to Properties.
    3) You should have a tab called Wireless networks. When you click on that tab you will see an option at the top for Use Windows to Configure my Wireless Network Setting". Put a check mark in there and see if you can connect again.

    I've found, depending on the wireless card, the Windows configuration is better than the one from the adapter.

    Good luck.
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