Awesome! Is Cloverfeild really Godzilla 2, crab or T-rex

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  • T-Rex

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  • Crablike figure

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  • Cro-magnon ape like man beast

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Thread: Awesome! Is Cloverfeild really Godzilla 2, crab or T-rex

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    Awesome! Is Cloverfeild really Godzilla 2, crab or T-rex

    JJ. Abram's ig sequel to Godzilla or not? Check out the links for pics and movie previews. Crazy!
    Some guys invert mirror images on the poster and see a face and some say they see a face in the smoke of the smouldering building. If you look close enough you can see Jesus! heh-heh...
    Freeze the frame this vid at 1:56, I see big teeth!
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    bro, do you even ride in a straight line? #1 asshole
    i'm not voting on this shit.....

    you are killing hte internet buzz on this movie.... lol....
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    It's a giant spongebob squarepants ....
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    I saw a commercial. w/ the trailer makes it look cool.. not the statue of liberty
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    sportbike... pfffft!
    its a terrorist attack, jeez you guys suck at this game

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    its a honda
    Somebody told me it was a Voltron movie.

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    one of the trailers shows the statue of liberty with claw like marks down the back
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