LF web hosting and domain name providers
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Thread: LF web hosting and domain name providers

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    LF web hosting and domain name providers

    I am seeking a good provider/consistant service for web hosting and domain name providers? Anyone can point me to a good one that would be great.
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    GoDaddy is great for .com/.org/.net


    "Reliable" web hosting is more grey. Guess it depends on how important uptime is for you

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    For webhosting try Dreamhost.

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    bad, m'kay?
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    All those are ridiculously expensive. If you're just looking to host a basic website, go with http://www.mabushosting.net.

    I've been with them for about half a year. Fantastic customer support, dirt cheap prices. Very reasonable guys - gave me a custom package!

    My hosting with them costs $10/year, and is better than what many hosts charge $10/month for. If I remember correctly I've got 500mb space, 30GB bandwidth, 4 domains, 4 MySQL databases (can always use more of these, though), 4 FTP accounts, 4 Emails and unlimited everything else + support for just about everything - $10/year. Beat that!

    All my domains are registered through goDaddy.com. Google "godaddy coupons," you can quickly and easily save a few bucks on each domain you buy.

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    What about someone to make a website? I know there are templates out there but I quickly get lost with programming.

    Any website builders on this site?

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    None right now...
    I use bluefur.com. They're based in Calgary.

    When I signed up, they had two pricing charts. One for Windows users, and one for Unix/Linux users. The package features were the same, but the prices were about 2/3 for the Linux users. I called them to ask why, and they said that Linux users typically didn't need support, and Windows users usually called all the time looking for help. I signed up on the spot.

    I've been with them for almost 10 years now (they started as monsterhosting.ca). In all that time, my site as been down twice, both times for less than half a day. Once it was due to an ISP provider issue at their end (my site was up, but their local service was down... That only lasted two hours). Service has been exceptional... replies to problem tickets within 5-10 minutes, usually.
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