Need Help With First Bike After D.a.s
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Thread: Need Help With First Bike After D.a.s

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    Question Need Help With First Bike After D.a.s

    Hi ya, im 22 and have decided that once and for all im going to sell my car and get a bike like ive always wanted, if everything goes well i should have my licence by the end of the month / early feb, im looking at something around the 600cc mark ish, i dont mind going a little over or a little under i just dont wanna be stupid about it and go kill myself because i went to powerful to soon, a few of the things i have been looking at are the honda cb500 the bandit, and the hornet, im looking at spending around £2000 ish tops, idealy less that way i can get decent gear with it, im not really looking for answers like just go out and test drive / there is no bike for everyone, i just want some ideas of bikes that look good, have a little umph in them and are good first timers, any help any of you can give me would be a big help, also, what sort of clothing should i be looking at? helmet etc? is e bay worth a look, they are selling helmets the look the part for £30 new but when your paying so little i tend to think they cant be much cop, anyway, hope to hear from you all soon, thanks.
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    Are you moving to BC mate? Check out the "new riders" forum - there's load of info in there already.
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