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    Question Help!!! What To Get After D.a.s

    Hi ya, im 22 and have decided that once and for all im going to sell my car and get a bike like ive always wanted, if everything goes well i should have my licence by the end of the month / early feb, im looking at something around the 600cc mark ish, i dont mind going a little over or a little under i just dont wanna be stupid about it and go kill myself because i went to powerful to soon, a few of the things i have been looking at are the honda cb500 the bandit, and the hornet, im looking at spending around £2000 ish tops, idealy less that way i can get decent gear with it, im not really looking for answers like just go out and test drive / there is no bike for everyone, i just want some ideas of bikes that look good, have a little umph in them and are good first timers, any help any of you can give me would be a big help, also, what sort of clothing should i be looking at? helmet etc? is e bay worth a look, they are selling helmets the look the part for £30 new but when your paying so little i tend to think they cant be much cop, anyway, hope to hear from you all soon, thanks.
    L Culley

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    I liked my Honda 599 (hornet?) for my first bike.. it would zip around but was definately very forgiving...

    i was told i looked like a circus clown riding it tho hehe

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    Are you moving to British Columbia sometime soon?
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    Quote Originally Posted by SpideRider View Post
    Are you moving to British Columbia sometime soon?
    Kind of makes you wonder eh?
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    no i live in the uk, why u ask?

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    This is a forum where you will typically find people from British Columbia, Canada (hence However, the tips you find here are universal.
    Check out the stickies in the New Riders' forum, you are not the first to ask this question...
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    my friend bought a suzuki SV 650 and he's happy.
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    As this is a very frequently asked question, to the point where we have several threads listed in the FAQ, I'm going to close this thread.

    Please read the New Rider FAQ at the top of the forum and use the search to get some general information about the topic.

    If you have some more specific questions after, please feel free to start a new, more detailed thread.

    Thank you.

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