Probably one of the very few left running, I've certainly never seen another one like it.

Pictures are available in my profile, but they're old. The bike no longer has the front quarter fairing.

The bike still runs, but barely - please don't consider this as a first bike, I would only recommend it to someone who doesn't mind, nay, wants to get their hands dirty.

The major problem is that the engine needs to be rebuilt, the piston rings are shot. Anyone purchasing the bike should understand that replacing piston rings will likely only be the beginning of an engine rebuild.

Some of the less pressing problems to be addressed:

-brake fluid change
-fork oil change
-rear turn signal assemblies to be replaced
-no muffler (the bike is LOUD without it, although I've been pulled over and the kind police officers have never told me to get it fixed)
-clutch is too heavy - should have a plate taken out
-clutch lever is broken
-small dent and minor scratching on tank
-new battery

Just come by with a truck and transfer papers and the bike's yours, use it for parts, make it into a go-kart or scrap it, your choice.

Email me at if you're interested.