Who's bike was parked outside in the snow today?
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Thread: Who's bike was parked outside in the snow today?

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    Who's bike was parked outside in the snow today?

    I'm a warm weather rider, and store my bike in the garage from late October to early March. I know there are some on this forum who ride all year round.

    There was snow on the ground yesterday and today, and as I was driving to work I saw a black CBR 125 parked on the street covered in snow. From what I could tell, it looks like it was parked there for both days and had not been ridden.

    Riding is a passion for me and I take care of my bike better than I take care of myself. I think some people here are the same, to a certain degree at least.

    I'm a pretty easy going guy, but I don't know why it bothered me when I saw the bike like that. It doesn't take long to put a bike cover, or even a cheap tarp on top.

    I don't think snow is that much different than rain as far as the bike is concerned. I don't know if snow can damage anything mechanically but, better safe than sorry right?

    Anyway if this is your bike, I suggest investing in a bike cover or tarp, if there isn't a garage or covered storage area.

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    who cares? a tarp will wreck the paint long before some snow will. not everyone has access to underground parking or a garage, and in vancouver i'd almost rather leave the thing on the street than in the underground.

    everyone thinks bikes are fragile, they're designed to withstand weather, the aluminum might not look as pretty after some salt, but nothing some elbow grease cant fix. who who really cares if someone leaves their bike out in the rain or snow. i saw an R6 downtown that didnt move for MONTHS, dusty, bird shit on it, did i post on BCSB telling the owner to smarten up? nope, its their shit and they can do as they please

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    bro, do you even ride in a straight line? #1 asshole
    2 ply please for this thread
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    Cause dirty bikes look crummy in front of Starbucks.

    When will the squidlets learn?

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    I've seen a few bikes around parked on the street in the snow ... If they want to wreck their ride, let em. More money for the company I work for
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    It's big and heavy.. must be a sport tourer
    maybe they're just waiting for the snow to clear before resuming riding again.
    i thought it was like 6C in Vancouver? did you guys have snow again?

    if it was 6C i'd be out riding....

    I once got pulled over by the police and he asked me why i was out riding...
    I told him that it was because it had warmed up lately to 6C...
    he responded with surprise and that he was freezing his ass off.
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