RC30/VFR750R production numbers?
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Thread: RC30/VFR750R production numbers?

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    RC30/VFR750R production numbers?

    I'm wondering if anyone might give me an idea where I can confirm world production numbers for these bikes. I'm trying for a collector plate, and need confirmation of 1500 units world-wide.
    Honda Canada has not been helpfull, except with import numbers into this country.
    Ciao, Steve

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    VFR750R (RC30)
    The concept behind the RC30 was; to equip a Works TT-F1 type machine with minimum road going equipment so that it could run legally on public streets. Thus it could be homologated to race in production based classes around the world. It sold for 1,480,000 yen, an extraordinary price for domestic (Japan) sales back in 1986. (I thought it didn't come to market till '88) The price in Canada in 1988 was $17,995 (not $14,995 as reported in Cycle Canada) and then went up as only about 25 were imported over two years. Most went straight to the track as they were intended. Some went south of the border (USA). A few went into private collections, like the now famous first production VFR750R serial # 00001. Why famous? Because a few years ago Honda wanted to buy the bike back for it's museum and the owner said no. I know the owner and see the bike regularly. It's never been serviced or had those infamous 'bad heads' replaced. It is just as it was when it was first taken out of the crate.
    Each RC30 was produced one at a time at Honda's Hamamatsu plant, by a special team of workers. This is the same facility where the Honda 'work's' factory race machines are built. And it shows too. Of all the motorcycles I've seen and owned none compare to the fit and finish of my RC. The hand laid fibreglass and gleaming paint are second to none. It was a far better built machine for it's time compared with the newer RC45.
    Only 1000 of the total production were sold to the Japanese domestic market (by drawing lots). They produce less horsepower. They have smaller headlights, turn signals and rear-view mirrors as well as different graphics then the european model.
    For 1990 a special run of approx. 300 were assembled for the U.S. market. (They are fitted with air pollution controls and have the RC30 designation on the tail section. These, I understand were last of the RC30's although I've seen one advertised as a 1991)
    There were two colours, loswhite and the more familiar HRC tricolour. (Two tone blue and red, over white) Only 30 of them were coloured loswhite, (I suspect these were specials, maybe with full factory race kits, but I maybe wrong) so it is assumed that their rarity would place their value very high. It's reported that they were exported to Europe and America. (Although, I have never seen or heard of one.) Supposedly many of these were later imported back into Japan. (Anyone got any pictures or info?)
    With the main goal of this model being; To dominate the worlds production based race classes. It's no wonder that fewer then 1/4 of the estimated total production run of 3000 have survived in stock street trim.

    Domestic specification (Japan)
    maximum power : 77ps/9500 rpm
    maximum torque : 7.1kg-m/7000 rpm
    In 1987, limited number of 1000 sold at 1,480,000 yen
    European specification
    maximum power : 120ps/11000 rpm (minimum guarantee)
    maximum torque : 7.4kg-m/10500 rpm
    maximum speed : 250km/h
    sold at 25,000 mark(FR) or 14,998 dollars(US)

    The above article was taken from a website but
    Now the way I understand it, a total of 3000 were produced. But I think to qualify for collector plates the 1000 number is on any given production year.
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    I saw one advertised on Craigslist afew months back which was at some car dealership up the valley. They wanted 29K for it. Too much for me.

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    1500 per year world wide for that model. A model can be a special (like Ducati 916 Sena) but it is still part of that model. 3000 would seem possible to have less than the 1500 made in the one year if the production run was longer than one year.

    Ducati was also not helpful to find out how many were made. However they at least confirmed that more or less were made when I returned their email with a link to the ICBC site where the have the 1500 rule listed. They also referenced a couple of books to read so i could find out more.

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    Thats correct its 1500 or less for that YEAR.

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