Upside down barf bag in an airplane!
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Thread: Upside down barf bag in an airplane!

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    Upside down barf bag in an airplane!

    i wonder if she will fly again. lol

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    well, sucks to be her, don't it? lol

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    please sirs, do not linketh me to one of thy spamiest sitests on thoust internetz!

    better version ->2 girls 1 bag - now with slo-mo!

    watch closely, as her legs squirm in cruel delight at the realization that she is powerless to stop herself from vomiting directly into her own eyeball
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    hey, girl on the right...not throwing up.....a/s/l?

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    That pilot is an idiot for doing that to her.........

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    bro, do you even ride in a straight line? #1 asshole
    that is awesome..... teach her not to go flying on a full stomach
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    whoa that's nasty but hilarious ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by CHIA View Post
    That pilot is an idiot for doing that to her.........
    Totally. They weren't upside down, just in a steep turn pulling a bit of G. Then the pilot rolls it level and pushes the nose down, unloading the passengers from their seats, the contents from one girl's stomach, and the contents from the bag.

    To be honest though... having been in similar situations in small aircraft, when one passenger hurls, if the bag isn't sealed right up tight and quick, it's usually only minutes before the rest of the people in the cabin are hurling too. The smell of vomit triggers vomiting in most people, it seems.
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