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    New Exhaust pipes

    Anyone know where I would be able to find a steel pipe, 2 inch diameter inlet, with about a 15-30 degree bend (still have to measure that out again) in aprox 14-17 inch in length. Or if anyone knows were I could find somewhere in vancouver where I could have one fabricated for less then 70 bucks please let me know. Or if anyone knows which bike slip on mufflers have a 2 inch inlet. Or if anyone knows where I could find a front cat/muffler for a BMW R1100s, for less then 136 bucks. That would be the best

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    You'll find that pipe segments on our bikes are very particular about the bend and distances involved if you wan't the part to fit properly. You'd be much better off knowing the actual part and bike and shop for a used copy.

    If you can find someone to duplicate the old one minus the damage for only $70 then you should let us all know. Bending the ultra thin wall stuff our bikes use requires a lot of fancy machinery. It's not like bending the typical car exhaust tubing where they usually use an inside crush system.

    Good luck with the search but I think you'd be far better off just shopping for the actual part by maker and model.
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    get some pre-bent pipe and cut it up then weld it up..

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