wtb: cheap beat up leathers.
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Thread: wtb: cheap beat up leathers.

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    wtb: cheap beat up leathers.

    OK, I had a crash in my textile stuff and came out not too bad, but I think I was only lucky by the speed at which I came off at. So I am looking for a set of used leathers. One piece would be prefered but I would consider a two piece. What I really want is a set of old school Suzuki leathers that have been through the ringer.(the kind that people look at and kringe thinking of what the poor soul wearing them has gone through) Cheap really works well for me as I am spending too much already fixing my TLR (tank, like military , not gas).
    I am 6'3" tall and weigh 195lbs with a 36" waist, so I guess either a 46 or a 48 would fit me.

    Send me your pics and I will pick the worst and the cheapest.

    Thanks , Gordo.
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