Interesting illustration of the innacuracy of speedometers
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Thread: Interesting illustration of the innacuracy of speedometers

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    Interesting illustration of the innacuracy of speedometers

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    I don't even look at my speedo on my bike anymore, just on my GPS.
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    It's not that far out considering ...
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    Not too too bad, at certain points (~200) the difference was big.

    Saw this video linked to it. Unrelated but good vid never the less.

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    I didn't see much error there... There were large differences in times when he was accelerating quickly, but that was just the lag in the GPS readout. I think you'd find that if you paused at 200, the GPS would catch up and be pretty close.

    On my VFR, though, I know my speedo is about 10% high. Same comparison, with my GPS, but I pause at the speed i'm interested in until the GPS catches up.
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