Hey everyone, just finally signed on to your board after all this time!
Hope this is the most general message area.

Just want to thank Eugene, Peter, Evan, Chad, Debbie Czerny, and many others for their donations to Jenny Lee - she really appreciates it and you can't imagine how hard it is for a girl in her situation with a mother who doesn't speak English to be able to 'start a home'. All your help has been great!

For those of you who wasn't at the Flying Swan on Saturday she was able to 'walk in' using crutches - it is great to see her improvement. She really wants to get out there and be active.
I encourage everyone to keep in contact with her and visit once in a while. For those that don't know she is going to stay in BC at this point as she won't get enough care and help in Korea - and will fall through the cracks.

She still needs some kitchen things, small table items etc to hold TV etc, chairs, couch etc so anything anyone else has to get her started is most helpful.
Thanks again for pitching in, especially at this busy time of year!
Great to meet some of you at the Swan too!