Posting for a friend, PM me and I'll put you in touch. Bike is in Calgary.

It is a 2004 Yamaha R6 with roughly 5000kms on it

This is a race bike, I will sell it as is, all mods done to it and all spares
it CAN be put onto the street if you so wish but requires headlights...etc and an inspection

oil changed every 2nd weekend
valves are puurrrrfect, no weird noises, nothing
shifts smoothly runs great and pulls like a champ

makes 108 hp on pump gas
makes 115 hp on race gas (MR10)
all important bits like the frame, subframe, forks and triple clamps are straight

revs to the moon and shifts very smoothly
clutch is still in good condition
naturally all safety wired

link to all the pics of the spares (800x600) resolution

link to all the pics in all their glory (3072x2304 resolution)

In order of photo album appearance:

VORTEX rearsets - 9 point adjustable (2 sets)
3 rear brake levers
3 shift levers
misc rearset stuff
2 brand new spare chains (plus brand new one on bike for 1 weekend - $200
per chain)
3 sets of new brake pads
2 sets of frames sliders (plus misc stuff)
7 spare brake/clutch levers
4 spare shift rods (regular and GP style)
1 brand new carbon fiber clutch
6 clip ons (3 vortex 3 Yamaha OEM)
7 rear sprockets (most brand new or used once. Sizes are : 435-54, 51, 50,
49(on spare rims), 48, 47(on bike), 45
3 front sprockets (435-17, 15, ?? on bike)
1 rear axle
1 extra set of spare rotors (plus rotors on spare rims plus Galfer wave
rotors on main rims - 3 sets total)
1 spare set of bushings and attatchment for easy swapping of rear sprocket
during race weekend.
Misc seals, bits, etc.
Race tech high performance fork springs (new, sealed)
Yamaha Service manual
Spare engine covers
Spare subframe (repaired)
1 brand new BMC air filter
4 windscreens (2 Zero Gravity Double bubble(1 is on bike) - 2 stock OEM)
Power commander connection/ misc cds
Spare triple clamp with ignition plus key (bike starts by 2 switches right
now - easier for racing)
Another engine cover
Spare gas cap (Vortex gas cap on bike)
Spare stock rear shock (Ohlins on bike)
2 black plastic things, dunno what they're for lol.
Spare fairing stay (repaired)
Spare rear hugger (stock OEM)
misc bike pics
main rims with the wave rotors (spares are on the bike right now with rain
tyres on them..)

$6500 obo

pm for contact info