Do you travel to US by road? you can use this...
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Thread: Do you travel to US by road? you can use this...

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    Lightbulb Do you travel to US by road? you can use this...

    If you are a deal hunter or often travel to US, here is something you can get before your buddy gets it.

    To be eligible to volunteer, you must:
    • be born in British Columbia
    • be a Canadian citizen
    • hold a valid B.C. driver’s licence
    • be willing to use the EDL to travel to the U.S.
    • be able to attend a designated ICBC Driver Services Centre in Richmond or Cloverdale for an in-person application appointment

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    Just get a Nexus pass! Preferred line ups are the way to go!

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    What's the big deal? Get a proper passport already. Good for ALL countries.
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    Pay money for a passport - good for almost everywhere in the world or pay the same money to ICBC for something that gets you into the US only? Lemme think ....
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    I like this part........NOT! Anyone watched Zeitgeist, The Movie....YIKES!

    Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Chip
    The EDL contains a RFID chip to help border officials identify you quickly. The RFID chip only contains a unique identifier. This is not your driver licence number and there is no other personal information stored on the RFID.
    RFID readers at U.S. border entry locations will read the unique identifier, which is then used to access personal information related to your EDL stored in a secure U.S. border authority database. RFID readers will be available at a limited number of U.S. border crossings.
    There are some situations under which a person who has access to RFID-reading technology could be able to “read” your unique identifier from a short distance, without your knowledge. Even if your unique identifier is read, your personal information is safe from unauthorized access as it is protected in a secure database.
    For added security ICBC will provide a security sleeve to protect the RFID chip from being read when you are not using it for border crossing.

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