Young Stamps fan saves friend from vicious dog
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Thread: Young Stamps fan saves friend from vicious dog

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    Young Stamps fan saves friend from vicious dog

    Two boys in Calgary are outside playing ice hockey on a pond. A pit bull comes out of nowhere and attacks one of the boys. The other boy grabs his stick and attacks the dog and the dog runs off squealing. A guy walking by sees this and approaches the boy.

    “I’m a reporter with the Calgary Herald and I witnessed your act of heroism. I’d like to put this in the paper”.

    The boy sees the reporter writing “Young Flames fan saves friend from vicious dog” and says “But I’m not a Flames fan”.

    The reporter apologises, crossing it out and re-writes “Young Stamps fan saves friend from vicious dog” and the boy offers “But I’m not a Stamps fan either”.

    The reporter looks puzzled and asks the boy which teams he supports.

    “I’m an Oilers fan, my family is visiting from Edmonton”.

    The reporter vigorously crosses out the statement and writes “Young bastard from Edmonton attacks beloved family pet”.
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    Hello BCSB!

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    Only funny if you're a Calgary fan.
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    or don't like Put Bulls........ Boooooooooooooooooooooo

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