Our group (Classic Katana Owners of North America) is trying to track down existing and former owners of the 1984 Ltd versions (Sold only in Canada) In particular - if you ever owned one - do you have any record of the VIN #. and what Ltd # was put on (old registration) . There are many of us who have these bikes that have been painted many times and the Ltd decal# no longer exists. Rather than put on an incorrect # - we need to put on a matching # if found. There is no correlation between VIN numbers and Ltd number. Our only way is to have a confirmation between the owner (or past owner) and the Vin #. In Ontario, owners can have their bikes - checked with Ministry records for all previous Ontario owners and then we hopefull can track down a previous owner to confirm the #.

Please contact for any info you may have on these bikes - New Club members welcome for Classic Katana Owners - (1981-1986) versions only.

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