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    Brakes and maintenance

    I am curious to find out the benefit hydraulic disc brakes over a mechanical set up have. Besides changing pads, what does it take to keep the hydraulic ones working or are they maintenance free?

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    If you flush new fluid through the system every second year then they can stay like new for at about 10 years if you do not strain the systems. If you do load them up and heat them up through some aggresive riding or from track days or racing then the fluid should be flushed at least every year and the caliper piston seals will likely harden after 3 to 5 years of such aggresive use. Once they harden up the pistons will not move smoothly or evenly and you're best off to rebuild with new seals.
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    I was gonna say Hydraulics are/were the Technological step up, Just as Fred Flintstone type brakes were superceeded by the mechanical gizmos.

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