Spring "Refresher" Course?
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Thread: Spring "Refresher" Course?

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    Question Spring "Refresher" Course?

    I did a few searches, but didn't come up with anything. Hopefully I didn't just use bad criteria and miss a thread. I'm wondering which schools might offer something of a "Welcome Back to Riding" sort of refresher course for the early spring. Nothing huge, maybe a full day on the weekend or something. I figure I've gotta get my mind back into riding just like I'd prep my bike before hopping on it after a long winter.

    I'm not really looking for a full out beginners course, more a little reminder course. I want to double check that I haven't forgotten too much, or have gotten bad habits. Besides, I'm still quite a newbie on a bike, and a refresher couldn't hurt. Push comes to shove I'll go for a regular new rider course or some one on one time at PRS when they open up again, but I was wondering if any schools had a regular springtime "warm up" course?

    Hope this isn't too early. I'm missing riding and hoping for the best, weather-wise.

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    a blue one
    BC Safety Council has one but it seems pricey $$$$$


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    BCSC also has a full day course, for under $300...utilizes your own bike, as apposed to theirs. Best to call them, and check the pricing....mention you saw them at the bike show last weekend, and you'll likely get the benefit of the best promo price.

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    He doesn't have any refresher courses listed in his calendar, but I'd give him a call or send an email anyways. I doubt there are many instructors out there that have put in more seat time or instructional time than Randy:

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    If you want to try something different than the locals, look at Team Oregon in Portland:


    A bunch of us try and get together to do one of the intermediate programs and an ART a little while later in the season every year.

    For the price, you can't beat it. The IRC is only $130 and their ART is only $150.

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