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    filter quality

    I've heard opinions in the past that "all vehicle filters are made by only a few factories, than branded' and that "they're all pretty much the same quality"
    well, we've done a small experiment with a friend of mine.
    We took 2 filters of 2 different brands(never mind which ones)
    Both are for the same vehicle, supposedly same specs.
    Difference in retail price of the filters was about $5
    What's not quite visible in the picture is that the white paper element of the filter on the right is hexagon shaped, not round.
    The one on the left is round.
    Here's a visual result:
    As Sat would say "Discuss"
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    When speeding run from the cops, it's a lesser infraction.

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    The subject matter may be more conducive to discussion if you revealed the brand names of the 2 filters, don't you think?
    FWIW, it's not unusual for the OEM filter for a particular vehicle to be the inferior quality piece.

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    Although the one on the left clearly has more material, the two appear to be made from two different materials. Maybe the one on the right is made from a better quality filtering material, and needs less to do the same job? Something tells me that the cheaper filter is the one on the left, even though it appears to have more filtering material.

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