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Ok, here's the deal, we were thinking of doing a bulk buy for brembos! We are going to do the bulk buy on brembo 16x18 masters with the folding levers.

Here is the Link for the 16x18 Master with regular lever, if you scroll to the bottom of the page you can see that the folding lever is a $74.99 option. That brings the total price to a clean $289.99 us currency.


So heres the logistics of the bulk buy, I will sell the folding lever 16x18s for $214.99 if 16 people sign-up. This includes banjo bolt, resivior and clear brembo Hose. This package would normally retail for $309.99. You pay shipping and you are on your way to one of the finest handbrake set-ups ever......

If 36 People are interested in the Bulk Buy I will sell the Folding lever 16x18 for $199.99 which will include the resivior, clear hose, and the Banjo bolt. Which as stated before is a $309.99 set-up. Pay the shipping and its a done deal!!!!

Email me at Tice@HAIbikeshop.com and tell me that you want in on this deal!!!! Make sure in the subject you put HAI loves brembo, I will hit ya back and we will get this deal working!!

This deal is open to anyone!! Shipping rates will vary depending on what contry you are living in!!!

Im going behind the Bosses back on this one cause I love brembo Handbrakes and i think that everyone should have one!!!

Any Questions hit me up at Tice@HAIbikeshop.com

Call me at the Shop at 407-447-1176 or check out our website at www.HAIbikeshop.com