want some dirt on Alberta's Gov't?
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Thread: want some dirt on Alberta's Gov't?

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    want some dirt on Alberta's Gov't?

    One of my family members works for the Alberta Gov't, and boy does he has some funny stories about how the Gov't works over there..

    To start off with, they are not allowed, at all, to ever write the words "Tax" or "Bureacracy". Ever.

    Sentences must be kept to 8 words or less, not use apostrophes, hypens, colons, comma's if at all possible.

    All words would, could, should are replaced with "may", because "may" doesn't promise anything.

    Now this one is a real gem:
    The Minister of Learning, Mr. Oberg was studying to be a pediatrician when he first started his post-secondary education.

    His Prof. pulled him aside and said, "You are too stupid to be a pediatrician."

    Oberg broke out in tears and said, "What am I supposed to do?"

    Professor responded, "I don't know, become a politician."

    Apparently there's a pediatrician's conference once a year, and Minister Oberg is the laughing stock of all the jokes, b/c he now calls himself Dr. Lyle Oberg. http://www.aisca.ab.ca/03-01news.htm

    Albertans really do love the Premier Ralph Klein, all the Gov't workers call him King Ralph.

    There's a sector devoted to Economic Developement, which is a sham, b/c they are staffed by political partners. One of the guys, I forget his name now, but I think it's the Minister of this Department. He set up a booth in an asian country at a convention, and came back boasting about how out of 10 people whom he talked with at his booth, 5 of them applied for immigrant's status. He's got a travel budget bigger than King Ralph.

    There's a minister running around in there, she has 6 PhD's, a gold medal in Ice Sculpturing (wtf?!?!?!). Apparently she always quizzes people on the spot. If you run into her in an elevator, she'll ask you right there, what are the mission values? People have been fired on the spot for not knowing what they were.

    and lastly, if you have kids, forget about professional hockey, medicine or teaching, send 'em to university to become a Urologist in Alberta. After 4 months, they make $434,000/year. That's a lot of Ducati's for looking at someone's piss.

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    fuck, *ill* move to alberta and look at piss for 434 grand... they an even tax me 50% for it and i wont mind

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