1988 Suzuki GSXR400
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    1988 Suzuki GSXR400

    This isn't my bike, so don't bother sending me a message. Email firestarter_97@hotmail.com

    i have a very rare suzuki gsxr 400 sport production model up for sale.
    its a 1988 with 26,122kms and its in amazing shape it still has the shine that turns heads. i have maintained this bike very very well and done all the usual stuff like oil changes every 1500kms with full synthetic oils and i just had the valves tuned so the bike runs like a dream

    this is the kind of bike that is worth putting money into so i have invested a good amount this summer right before i stored it for the winter and some things are..

    -full aftermarket exsaust (4 into 1 header and racing pipe)
    -brand new 8 plate clutch
    -clutch cover gasket
    -new air filter
    -new timing chain tensioner assembly
    -new O rings in carbs
    -valves clearance adjusted
    -new nkg racing spark plugs
    -new spark plug cables
    -HID xenon dual headlights (blue colour matches paint perfect)
    -GSXR carbon grips
    -piston valve caps
    -cleaned and lubed chain and sprockets
    -0 kms on new oil change and filter change with synthetic oil


    This bike gets lots of looks and complements from other riders and people.

    this bike not only looks but it has a preformance factor too!!
    its slighty smaller and lighter than a 600cc its also got a shorter wheelbase so it handles better in the tight turnes i can keep up to the 600cc bikes on a twisty road. also its cheaper on insurance than a 600cc. and the bike will get up and go too it to its very fast for a 400cc bike. also SP means sport production (bike has a fully adjustible suspention system) only a few of these were made in japan

    my reason for selling is simple. i want somthing with more power.

    price is $4300 firm this is a rare bike worth money and its great to learn how to ride on.

    this bike is the same kind that were used in MotoGP races in the late 80's aswell as many japan championship races

    i promise you that you will not be dissapointed you can email me at firestarter_97@hotmail.com or you can reach me at with any questions you might have i can also send you bigger versions of the pictures below so you can see the details better or i can get you pictures of the new parts and recipts my names jake
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    bump $3400

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