rc planes have come a long way
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Thread: rc planes have come a long way

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    rc planes have come a long way

    I remember my uncle, the same one who got me into sportbikes, used to mess around with rc airplanes. Saw these on youtube, and had to share. shit rc place have come a long way, and so have the peopl;e that fly em. Shit, even turbine powered fighter jet replicas. Another hobby I would love to take up if I had though dough.





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    nice toys

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    Been there done that. Have the maxxed out visa and basement full of planes and heli's to prove it. Got back into bikes because they were cheaper.

    Anyone interested in R/C and wants to see a great show should check this out.


    My heli's;


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    I don't think I could handle the stress of sending something that expensive up in the air. I'll stick to risking my life on bikes.
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    Wow, dad, did you see that yaw control?

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    Quote Originally Posted by alternateimpact View Post
    Another hobby I would love to take up if I had though dough.
    Those sort of skills don't come overnight

    It doesn't have to be expensive. You can get a ready to fly (RTF) 4 channel plane for under $100 nowadays. I bought one for my son and it fly's a treat.
    I can let you know where I get a lot of my stuff online for great prices. I live in PoCo, you're welcome to come around and chat - we'll have you hooked in no time. There are several biker/RC'ers in your neighborhood.

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    Or you can make the simple but fun to watch rubber powered free flight stuff for about $5 a model....

    That's the great thing about this hobby. You can do it on a shoestring budget or spend literally thousands.
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    i have 11 planes and 2 heli's, spent about 60k on rc in 13yrs of flying and it
    was worth every cent. so much you can do. race, aerobatics, pattern,
    scale, float flying, jets,multi engine etc. too much fun. designing and
    building your own and flying it successfully-what a rush.

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    I saw one a few months ago on TV where the guy had built a jet powered replica A380. It was unreal.
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