A new take on a classic thread topic of importing...
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Thread: A new take on a classic thread topic of importing...

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    A new take on a classic thread topic of importing...

    OK, so before you rush to the 'quick reply' box, hit your caps lock, and tell me to use the fucking search function, I want to be clear I have no desire to be pointed to the excellent importing FAQ that is already a sticky.

    I would however, like to know of any secrets that allow for the importing of vehicles that are not on the admissible vehicles list. I mean, how strict is that list? For example, you see a lot of Husky supermoto's on the road these days yet if you were to consult the master list, Husky's are not allowed into Canada.

    Guess I am just curious if that is just the perk of being a dealer/distributor, or if someone in the know can make it happen with virtually any make and model. I get that dealers don't technically import their stock from the US, so naturally it makes sense the importing does not apply but I just find it odd that we have no access to bikes that are clearly acknowledged to be up to par enough to let in the country.

    We can buy them in Canada, but not bring them in. Where is the fun in that?

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    I'll guess they were imported for off-road use only, then converted.

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    U-Built regs. Works fine, until someone tips off Transport Canada.

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