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    Jet Kit

    I have just put on a jardines exhaust and am wondering how necessary it is to install a jet kit.

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    It depends on what the bike is running like now.

    Generally the bikes all have a lean spot in the power delivery to help the bikes pass the emmisions regulations. So doing a jet kit even on a stock bike will have some good outcome in terms of mid range pull and general smoother throttle response. When you add a slip on the change is minimal but if you add a whole system the change is more noticable and the bike will generally show some typical signs of lean running.

    Be warned before you start. It's nearly impossible to get a jet kit right on the first go. The kits come with a variety of parts and the selection of the specific parts depends on the bike, the fact that we are pretty much right at sea level and what mods you do to the bike.

    To set up the jet kit installation right it either takes a couple of hours at a dyno with a tuner making changes and reading the charts as they come off or multiple road tests. And the last option usually means the tank and airbox all have to come off each time to get to the carbs to make the changes.

    Now after typing all that please don't tell me your bike has fuel injection.....
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    I changed to an RT-one slip-on on my F4i. I didn't realise how crappy it was running until I installed a PCIII with the right map. Get the kit .. if it's ok now, it'll be even better with the kit.
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