I have a long list of parts I bought up to add to my collection, I have since then Had No need for them and need to clear room for my next bike.

-parts listed with price below/make offer;

*Pair of 04 zx6rr forks $215 shipped
*Pair of 03 636 forks 1,340 mikes on them clean $215 shipped
*03-04 zx6rr/636 stock OEM headers $65 plus shipping
*'06' zx10r minty lower tripl $55 shiped 50mm
*'06' zx6r lower triple minty $55 shiped 50mm
*'04' zx6r lower triple minty $55 shiped 50mm
^^^(has taller post than 05+triples)^^^
*07 zx6rr silver forks need left seal replaced and have scratches and dings NOT MINTY $185 Shipped
*3 sets of left/right electrical control housings fit all zx-r models
03 and up+ $25 a piece plus shipping
*03-04 subframe $100 (shipped Not minty has dings and is slightly tweeked upwards but straight looking when mounted.)
*03-04 Straight Frame/swingarm with clean title $1500 shipped
*set of 03-04 wheels $350 plus shipping
*03-04 OEM stock rearsets $80 plus shipping
*03-04 minty black OEM front fender $100 plus shipping
*'06' zx10r top tripple clamp *80 shipped
*might sell my 04 636 motor taking offers
****May have other parts for sale will update thread is I do***

Best contact for me is