tired of boxing day shopping? lets ride
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Thread: tired of boxing day shopping? lets ride

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    shes stolen :(

    tired of boxing day shopping? lets ride

    hello every1

    im all shopped out and ready to take my baby out for a spin. if u want to join me give me a shout at 604 828 4128 or meet me at the chevron on 41st and oak at 3 pm. i'll wait for about 10 mins and then i'll cruise solo if i must.


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    Don't know if you'll see this on time. Just checked the satelite pictures, and it looks like the system is breaking up and passing over us. So, D()K and I are meeting at the church on Taylor Way at about 3pm or so ( in about 20 minutes) to make a run for Squamish. If we don't see you there, have a good one!

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    Thanks for the ride Trip....
    It's kinda fun riding in a small group of 2...
    Only have to shoulder check for one...
    Roads were amazingly dry, up to Britannia Beach where we got unexpectedly dumped on.
    A little rain never hurt...
    Had some homemade pie... little ice cream... and back on the road again...
    Be Happy for this moment.... This moment is your life.

    It is not about Anger,
    It's about Peace.
    It is not about Power,
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