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    quick question

    hey everybody i have a 89 cbr 600 hurricane and i was thinking of putting a 2000 cbr600 motor into it and i wanted to know if it would be a hard mod or not. any help would be great. thanks


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    Haha....not worth the time to do it !! Nothing lines up, the old frame is too narrow, counter shaft sprocket is lined up different than the current one...

    I had a similar issue is a bud who blew up his back in 96....no go.

    But with a SHIT load of money....you can "Make" it work !! Is it worth it? NO

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    Nothing at all will line up. Totally different frames. Much time and fabrication to solve all the issues would be needed..... MUCH time.... And all that for a bike that doesn't even use the current 17 inch tire sizes.

    However you should be able to drop in any engine up to the F3 if you're just looking to make the bike run. From there the F4 went to the newer aluminium frame and the new engine cases to go with it so it won't fit.

    Truly this is an idea where you should just lie down until the feeling goes away. You'd be FAR FAR better off to just sell what you have to a beginner and move on up to the newer bike that has all that newer stuff to go with the engine.
    A backyard mechanic without a service manual is just like a hooker without a lamp pole.... they are both in the dark.

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