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    Another great trip thread

    Do not click on this photo rich 4 week 7500 mile journey unless you have high speed and time to read
    BCSB had mountains of experience with a lot of things. #1 on that list is pouring out bullshit to dumb questions by the Gigabyte. (TripleTime, 12-10-2014 03:19 PM)

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    anyone I can lean against
    Thanks Bill for posting up.

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    Are you ever consumed by motorcycling.

    I'm reading Jupiters Travel. His second book when he's 70 instead of 43.

    You have to start young to change up the trips. Going off road add's more dynamics then street riding. I have started to late. Although I will try.

    Bill thanks for that Seattle course in your other thread. Always wanted to do that cop stuff. I watched Speed TV one time and was blown away by the CHIPS on Beemers, (half helmet, tan shirt no sleves, light pants) flying on a dusty Cali race track, just flying, crazy with no gear.

    Bring on 08

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