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    Need some tool advice

    Hey every one,

    The first thing I want to say is this is a great board.I was looking to get some specialty tools for working on my bike at home. Specifically I was looking for a chain breaker tool and a brake bleeder kit. Now I don't want to cheap out when I buy these tools. If they are good quality and will last, I will spend the extra money. That being said, I wanted to get every one opinions on these tools:

    chain breaker by motion pro available here-

    and Phoenix brake bleeder kit here-

    The reason for the breaker bleeder kit is I will soon be working on 3 bikes and this makes it go faster. I need a chain breaker( and of course sprocket as it better to change both) as my chain will need to be replaced this summer.

    Thanks all and If your in the industry let me know what you guys use at your shops.

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    Chain breakers are junk, in my personnal opinion.
    Use the cash to buy a grinder and safety glasses. I grind off the head of the rivet, then use a chisel sideways to remove the link plate, and then the rest pushes out nice and easy.
    The cahin breaker takes the rivet head and drives it through the inside of the hollow rivet, marring it.

    I have a power bleader, but I only use it for filling dry brake systems after a rebuild. And it's good for sucking crud out of dirty systems. but it's snap-on, over priced! If you just want to flush your fluid, don't be afraid to use a peice of battery vent hose and a small container. Sometimes cheap is trick.

    Works for me anyway.
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    Yep, ditto on just buy a $30 angle grinder and glasses. Then it's useful for a lot of other things as well.

    About 10 years back I bought a Mighty-Vac. When I had to choose between the plastic one and the metal one I popped for the extra $30 and got the metal one. It's seen me through 4 or 5 dry system fills on bikes and vehicles over that time as well as making the spring time fluid flush go super speedy. It comes with a hokey little plastic bottle. I sub'ed that for a Classico spaghetti sauce jar and lid with some copper tubing soldered onto the lid so it holds more and is more difficult to tip. For less frequent uses the plastic one, which is nicely made, would be a fine option. And being a vacuum pump with external bottle it may one day have some other uses but so far it's only been used to suck brake fluid. But at least I have options that the ebay one doesn't give you.

    That ebay one looks like a modified medical syringe in a holder to me. If I'm right then the plunger rubber won't last for too many years.
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    +3 on the angle grinder. A chain press on the other hand is a worthwhile tool.

    For a brake bleeder I went to an agricultural supply store, like Otter Co-op and bought a large syringe, hooked up some plastic tubing that also fit the bleed nipple, and voila, $3 suction bleeder.

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    chain tools are crap. they all break have a million parts and never really work right.

    As has been said above just grind off the head of the rivet. BUT... Don't force the plate off, use your punch to punch the rivet through the whole much easier and less chance of wrecking the other links.

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